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Deep Space

Since 2011, we have been to many regional/national competitions, and have hosted regional events for the previous year's competition. Visit our Games​ page to see some of the previous games we've  been involved with.

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Safety Should Be Shared! Learn more about how safety is our #1 priority. Visit our Safety page to learn more.


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Team 3624 is grateful for any and all donations and contributions. Visit our Sponsors​ page to learn  about our sponsors, or how you can become a sponsor.

We are the Half Hollow Hills Thundercolts. We ​inspire the community to become more involved in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, in addition to competing in FIRST events throughout the year. We are currently working alongside Long Island teams to encourage interest in STEM.​​ Learn more about the goals and initiatives of 3624.

3624 was founded in 2011 by a small group of ambitious individuals. Since then, we have rapidly expanded in all areas. Throughout the years we have won numerous awards at competitions, such as the Judge's Award, Safety Award, the Creativity in Design Award, and have made it to the National Competition twice. Visit our About Us page to learn more.

Excited for Deep Space? We sure are! Visit ourDeep Space​ page to check out the new game preview for the 2018-2019  FIRST Robotics Competition theme.