About Us 

About Us




* Present robot to elementary & middle  

   schools to inspire STEM & robotics

* District Unity Fair with robot

* Brought "Bionic Man" to district with Smithsonian, Learning Channel & Nat Geo

.* Mentored rookie FRC team

* Brought FTC to district

* Helped local camp start robotics



* Create eNable prosthetic hands

   on our 3D printer

* Donated model cars and shirts for 


* Collected books for Operation Paperback 

* Food drive

* Support Concerned Fathers of  


   "Kids Should  Play With Robots Not Guns"


Our Team

Our team is made up of students from both High School East and High School West.  Our leaders and mentors are business leaders, college students and former teammates.  As we prepare for our seventh year of FIRST Competitions, we stay active in our community to promote good citizenship in our students.  We fundraise, host the annual HHH Invitational and have hosted team dinners for our friends from International FIRST teams.  WE continually strive to improve and succeed as we develop our members to future leaders of STEM.

2017- SBPLI Regional Final​- Second Place Alliance
2017- Quality Award- Efficient Machine Concept
2017- New York Tech Valley Regional Finalist-Second Place Alliance
2017- Judges Award- awarded for achievement to teams who don't fit in the core award categories
​2015- New York Tech Valley Regional Finalist-Second Place Alliance

2014- Dean's List Finalist- awarded to a student who shows outstanding student leadership

​2013- Judges Award: Xerox Engineering Creativity Award- Unique Robot Design

​2011- Rookie All-Star Award- Showing exceptional skill in design as a new team

* ABC News Interview

* Host dinner for international FIRST teams

* Host annual HHH Invitational event which

    brings prospective members, leaders, 

   sponsors,rookie/prerookie teams

* Visit UL Laboratories for safety. engineering